Safety Measures at Be Well

Be Well  is a lovely cottage surrounded by trees and singing birds. Charmaine sees one client at a time and all shared equipments and furnitures are disinfected in between appointments. Per standard protocol, Charmaine will always be wearing a KN95 mask or equally safe covering -- and a face shield, if necessary, and gloves. In addition:

1. All clients will be screened for Covid-19. They are asked to wear KN95 mask and double mask, if tolerable. Double mask is highly preferred if indoors.

2.. Exercises and other activities that involve moderate or heavy breathing will be done outdoors (weather permitting).

3. Manual therapy, energy work will be done outdoors or indoors. 

4.  When indoors, we try to match outdoor ventilation by monitoring Co2 levels. Be Well has a HEPA filter with UV-C light and both windows and French doors are open.  Positioning will be optimized for droplet/aerosol management.

5. No contact payment.

6. Six-foot physical distancing whenever possible.

7. Charmaine has been fully vaccinated.