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Safety Measures at Be Well

Be Well  is a lovely cottage surrounded by trees and singing birds. We usually chat outdoors, sitting on safely-distanced benches, without our masks to have a moment of connection and update. Charmaine sees one client at a time and all shared equipments and furnitures are disinfected in between appointments. Per standard protocol, Charmaine will always be wearing a KN95 mask or equally safe covering indoors. In addition:

1.  All clients will be screened for Covid-19. They are asked to wear a mask. 

2. Exercises and other activities that involve moderate or heavy breathing can be done outdoors (weather permitting), with or without a mask.

3. When indoors, we try to match outdoor ventilation by monitoring Co2 levels. Be Well has a HEPA filter with UV-C light. Both windows and French doors can be open.  Positioning will be optimized for droplet/aerosol management. Far-UVC lights, which have been found to limit airborne viral transmissions, are installed.

4. No contact payment.

5. Six-foot physical distancing whenever possible.

6. Charmaine has been fully vaccinated and boosted, and works on her wellness diligently daily.

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