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"After major hip surgery, I was slow to heal and in significant pain. Not only did Charmaine Clamor help me reduce the pain, she used many inventive techniques and thoughtful exercises to help me strengthen the muscles that support both of my hips and be more mindful of the way I moved my entire body. She was also a positive and reassuring presence during a challenging recovery. Now, I am back to my active lifestyle and feeling strong, and I couldn’t have done it without the lovely Charmaine."


            -Christine Lennon, writer & editor

       "I wholeheartedly recommend Charmaine to anyone in need of healing. 
She is truly compassionate, patient, and attuned.  Her style is highly intuitive and holistic; she is certainly gifted."
                -Heidi Rotheim, Ph.D.


"Charmaine is a miracle worker! It starts with her passion for healing and helping people and continues with her amazingly comprehensive knowledge of the body’s biomechanics. Charmaine can look from afar at the way you're standing or walking and tell which part of your body is off. Then, when she is hands on, she has an innate intuition that takes her exactly to the source of the problem. Charmaine has helped me recover from breast cancer and complications of my mastectomy; motor vehicle accidents, with trauma to my shoulder, neck, scapula, and knees; post-operative recovery from shoulder and knee surgery; and trauma to numerous areas of my body from being hit by a car while riding a bike. She has gone above and beyond with every appointment, and no matter how complicated my case was she always managed to somehow balance everything. She's also constantly introducing new techniques learned at the conferences and "Continuing Education" she attends -- things that other PTs I know have no knowledge of yet, so you know Charmaine is always cutting edge. I can’t say enough good things about Charmaine. She's an amazing physical therapist and an inspiring human being. I feel blessed to have been in her care! If you need PT, just go see her. You'll find out for yourself."


                                           - Dr. Cat Williams, Veterinary Cardiologist

"When I first came to Charmaine she the was the third physical therapist the doctor had sent me to. They told me that I would never walk again -- but Charmaine didn't give up on me. She makes sure to work with your whole body, not just the injured part. Now I can stand with no support, and I am able to walk with a walker. I'm so blessed to have been sent to Charmaine because she treats you as more than a patient. She treats you like a friend. Charmaine is really invested in your recovery, so you know you're not doing it alone."
                            - Latrice Clark
"The last couple of years I have had several issues that required PT. Shoulder, back, legs, wrist, etc. I went to the Rehab Center in Beverly Hills and was treated by three PT's. All nice and polite, but it wasn't until I met Charmaine that I finally understood what a real PT was supposed to do. I knew immediately I was in the best hands possible, and my body responded instantly to her vast knowledge and techniques.
You just know when you meet a special, gifted person. And Charmaine is even beyond that. Not only is she beautiful to look at, she has  beautiful energy that you can actually feel healing your body. Her kindness, knowledge, and calmness makes PT such an enjoyable and fun experience. I actually look forward to seeing her. The time flies, and there is never any pain when Charmaine works on me.
I no longer go to the clinic in Beverly Hills. The center she opened is so beautiful and calm, designed and meant for healing. Paying for her services is a gift I give myself.
Charmaine has done the impossible with me: I am completely pain free! This is a surprise to my doctors! I've never felt better and can hardly wait for my next maintenance appointment.
Give yourself a gift: see Charmaine. It's a life changing experience."
                                                              - Cynthia M.
"Charmaine goes beyond the realm of a standard PT. She listens to you and your body. After a terrible skiing accident that resulted in a fractured back, Charmaine worked on the tissue damage and wastage and then looked beyond the injury to find the imbalance that caused my accident. I am now pain free. Charmaine’s extensive and unique knowledge of women’s health, in particular her training in pelvic floor issues, sets her apart from other therapists.
Charmaine also treats my son, who is a National Team freestyle snowboarder. After a shoulder injury, his surgeon was astounded at he and Charmaine had achieved in PT and subsequently cancelled the scheduled surgery. 

My husband had back pain for 16 years. Doctors, surgeons, chiropractors, osteopaths, acupuncturists -- all had failed to make him well. Charmaine has given him new flexibility, and now he's nearly pain-free."

                                                                                 -Sheila Scott, designer, aged 54
"Charmaine has been a blessing to work with. She listens well, is observant, honest, dedicated and gentle.  When my body wasn’t responding as expected, she pursued the challenge until she found something that worked. Most important for me is that she takes a holistic approach acknowledging the connection between the physical, emotional and spiritual.”
                   - Ellen Freyer, photographer
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