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What to expect at Be Well

Since Charmaine has had her own health journey and has seen numerous health care practitioners, she has designed her own practice and program based on what made her feel well, empowered, cared for as a patient herself. You will expect the following:


Holistic/Integrative   From personal experience and evidence-based research, Charmaine provides a program that encompasses not only the whole body but also the mind and energy. If a certain area is beyond her expertise, Charmaine will provide referrals to entrusted colleagues.


One-on-One care  You will see Charmaine for 55-60 min., one-on-one. She designed her practice to be small so that she can have more time with her clients and focus on the intricacies of a wellness program.


Unique for you  Your program will be designed especially for you. There is no one program for all.


Privacy  Since you will only see Charmaine your privacy is highly protected.


High Standard of Care  Charmaine incorporates a balance between evidence-based western medicine and alternative care to achieve the most effective that will have a long-term result.


Surgery is the last resort  From personal experience and evidence-based research, Charmaine will utilize all resources necessary in order to achieve wellness without invasive procedures such as surgery and will turn to natural supplementation first before medications.


Commitment to the environment   Be Well uses products and incorporates treatment practice that has the lowest impact to the environment.



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